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-Wedding Trailer
-Full Feature Wedding Film (12-18mins)
Includes: Ceremony, Reception Speeches, First Looks, Letters, Entrance and First Dance, Father Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance, Exit
-Digital Download

When we first started this company, our goal was to provide a superior product all while being competitive with our pricing.  We just had no idea what to charge or what other companies were offering. So just like you, we turned to the internet for answers. We searched countless wedding videographer sites to find out what options were available such as, pricing, how many videographers, filming hours, ect. After endless hours of researching, not only were we confused and frustrated, due to the complex packages and clever marketing language, we had more questions than answers. In order to get a clear understanding of what these companies offered, you had to fill out your contact info and wait for a response.

Therefore, at Redline Pros we strive to be as simplistic and transparent as possible with our pricing. Above you will see our hassle-free single package offer and all the services that are included. No extra costs, no hidden fees, just good ole honest work for a fair price.

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